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          Product Information

          NGK CANADA

          NGK oxygen sensors are engineered through expertise with innovation that enables the NGK oxygen sensors to offer superior fit, form, and function. NGK is one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of original equipment oxygen sensors that are extensively tested during manufacturing to guarantee quality and reliability. The precision-manufactured sensing element incorporates premier technical ceramics that optimize emissions and fuel economy. NGK oxygen sensors are made tested to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability.

          The governments have progressively introduced tougher exhaust gas emission legislation to encourage reduced emissions and reduce the amount of pollution created by the vehicles. As a result, cars and light trucks have been equipped with oxygen sensors since 1981. NGK oxygen sensors continuously detect the composition of exhaust gases and instruct the ECU about any of the changes in the system that help to alter the a/f mixture. This increases the efficiency and life of the catalytic converter, lowers emissions, and improved fuel economy by ensuring the correct mixture. NGK oxygen sensors are built according to the OEM standards and ensure superior quality for your automobile. They are fitted with waterproof connectors to ensure a perfect fit and you can rely on NGK sensors as NGK is a work leader in sensor technology today.

          Features & Benefits
          • NGK oxygen sensors feature a dual-coated platinum element for increased longevity
          • 3-stage element overcoat protects against contamination
          • Fast light-off times decrease emissions and improve fuel economy
          • NGK oxygen sensors feature pure alumina ceramic that filters exhaust gas
          • Water-resistant connector protects against water contamination related failures
          • Variety of protective sheathings resists high temperatures with a variety of OEM-specified materials (e.g. fiberglass, EPDM, etc.)
          • NGK oxygen sensors are thermal shock tested to -40°F
          • Manufacturing to meet ISO/TS 16949 standards

          NGK CANADA

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          NGK CANADA's Warranty

          NGK provide 60 days of warranty and limited lifetime on wire sets.

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